Deviled Eggs That Will Leave Guests BEGGING For More!


I absolutely love to host parties, but inevitably I mess something up. Usually food, I have to have a fall back, for me those are Deviled Eggs. They are delicious and easy! I love that you can dress them up or down and they take very little effort to look flawless! I wanted to share […]

Create An Elegant Winter Wreath


I am so excited! Why? Because, I have always wanted a beautiful wreath, something elegant and stunning! Well, this year is the first year that I finally got my crap together enough to actually make that happen. Dollar Tree sponsored this post but all craftiness is my awesome-sauce! Ingredients Wire Wreath – Craft Store $3.24 […]

These Are The Gifts They Really Want!

I absolutely adore the Christmas Season! I love to give gifts and see the joy in my loved ones expressions when it is ‘THE gift’, ya know, the gift they wanted so bad but either couldn’t find for themselves or find the nerve to ask for. Here is my 2014 Gifts They Really Want!! 2014 […]

Party Tips That Will Keep You From Looking Like A Jerk


Party season is in full swing! This makes me entirely too excited! I love spending time with our friends, family and those friends we have yet to meet…that being said Party Etiquette seems to be lost on our generation :sad face:. Here are 4 Tips for Hosting Don’t Charge: I realize when we were in […]

Turkey Day Crafts!!


Thanksgiving break is in full swing in our house! The kids are bouncing off the walls, family members are freaking out over Thanksgiving dinner, and we are sitting here in the midst of the chaos just smiling away…haha, right! The kids are bouncy, so we decided to craft and jam out to Kids Disney on […]

Where Are We??

Ahh, how life changes, and how quickly it can change! Well first let’s start with my regularly scheduled apology…I am sorry- I went MIA on you…again. Now that being said, life has been crazy for us lately! I started a hyper-local website, it is amazing and has taken off! I am really excited. We may […]

Save Money On Text Books :D

Are you ready for the Spring semester at school? Are you prepared to dish out big bucks for new books? I know I never was, in fact I currently have a huge stack of 10 year old college text books that I couldn’t bear to sell back to the book store and recuperate only 10% […]

Frozen Birthday For Under $100


Want to know what is cliche? My 5 year old wanted a Frozen Birthday Party! #Surprise Well, of course I have to do it better, for less. Because, that is just how I roll. We threw a Frozen Birthday For Under $100- presents, party favors and food!   For our main table we used an […]

Asparagus & Scallop CousCous


I saw this really awesome looking recipe for scallops and it inspired me I love scallops, asparagus and the kids love CousCous (or goose, goose depending on what side of ten years old you live on). This was a huge hit with everyone in our house….This dinner is also an easily transported meal…for ya know, […]

Back To Reality

Well, it has been a whirl-wind kind of summer, and back to school, and work. Okay, life, life has been crazy. I am sorry I haven’t been posting as often as usual. I suck. But in my defense life has gotten busy and I have a lot to tell y’all about. Where to start. Where […]