Save Money On Text Books :D

Are you ready for the Spring semester at school? Are you prepared to dish out big bucks for new books? I know I never was, in fact I currently have a huge stack of 10 year old college text books that I couldn’t bear to sell back to the book store and recuperate only 10% […]

Frozen Birthday For Under $100


Want to know what is cliche? My 5 year old wanted a Frozen Birthday Party! #Surprise Well, of course I have to do it better, for less. Because, that is just how I roll. We threw a Frozen Birthday For Under $100- presents, party favors and food!   For our main table we used an […]

Asparagus & Scallop CousCous


I saw this really awesome looking recipe for scallops and it inspired me I love scallops, asparagus and the kids love CousCous (or goose, goose depending on what side of ten years old you live on). This was a huge hit with everyone in our house….This dinner is also an easily transported meal…for ya know, […]

Back To Reality

Well, it has been a whirl-wind kind of summer, and back to school, and work. Okay, life, life has been crazy. I am sorry I haven’t been posting as often as usual. I suck. But in my defense life has gotten busy and I have a lot to tell y’all about. Where to start. Where […]

Recap Of Our August Budget


I am sure some of you have noticed I haven’t done a dedicated budget post in a few months. I tend to negate the budget during the summer, because, well, it’s rather painful to look at. School just started again for us which means I don’t have to take 4 kids on daily, or even […]

The Time My Husband Used Braces To Conduct Electricity (And Invisalign)


I am one of those poeple who are super blessed to have naturally near perfet teeth. I didnt marry someone quite as lucky though, Corey had braces for 4 years in high school and wonky teeth for all his years prior to that. When you put those genes together the odds are the off spring […]

Frugally Refinish Furniture In An Afternoon


I have a sick addiction to refinishing furniture. I would do it all day, every day if I could. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time, nor the resources for that. When the opportunity arises for me (and CJ) to refinish furniture I jump on it (CJ jumps too, just far more reluctantly)! Recently a friend […]

Vegan Rocky Road Ice Cream


Mothers Day was a real win for me, my kids {cough, husband} bought me the Ice Cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid Mixer! I absolutely :pink sparkle heart: ice cream buuut with Mr. Justus’ allergies there isn’t a whole lot of ‘safe’ ice cream out there (same goes for Brett). I made my first batch […]

Mimosa-Esque Recipe


If you have been reading, I am certain you have noticed that Brett’s birthday was yesterday! I can’t believe that he is 7!! Well, we celebrated his birthday this past weekend and I chose to enjoy the kids! How you may ask. By enjoying Mimosas, duh. O Wines sent me some delish wine and said […]

Throw A Super Hero Birthday Party Frugally


Brett turns 7 on Thursday, I absolutely cannot believe it! This past weekend we celebrated this mile stone with all his very best first grade friends! We celebrated in Captain America style, courtesy of Dollar Tree (our friends at Dollar Tree also sponsored this post)! I am so excited with how his party turned out, […]