Creating An Office Space For Under $100

This blogging thing has taken me on a wild ride…and since starting in 2008 I have grown and so has my career. I now work from home running my own marketing company (, we build websites, rock at graphics and I am the kick-ass marketing ninja (surprise). My issue wasn’t finding clients, or enjoying my job…it was where am I going to work?! With 2 dogs and 4 kids and a self employed husband and 1000 square feet bungalow my options were limited to say the least.

I decided my dungeon was my best bet. It was dark, dirty and may have some uninvited inhabitants. :eww:
This is the transformation
This is the before picture..a total disaster!
before- dungeon
After clearing out the space I knew this was the right choice- how? Because, I found a book my grandma had given me 10 years ago- that was her husbands and is nearly 100 years old!
I also scooped up the #HashtagLight for only $12.99 at Marshalls (originally 59.99 at Kohls)

I was starting to fall in love with this space (versus it being where I had to go to work!)!
Next I busted out the curtains and went a little crazy hanging them, and hiding the rest of the basement from myself
CJ and I painted cork board for a fun Pinterest-y feel!
This is also my giant vision board//brainstorm space//client note center :smiles:

This is the final view!!
I am absolutely in love with my space now! I wish I had done it sooner, but, meh! It’s done now and I feel like a total boss bitch!

Healthy Ice Cream Shouldn’t Taste This Good

If you haven’t noticed I took a break…well, more than a break! I was prepared to leave this blog the way that it was- and never come back. It was a debate that I had with myself for a long many months. I had sold out to blog-for-pay and I wasn’t living a frugal lifestyle. I felt like a poser, and I am not a poser! Yet, here I am, because I can never stay away for long…

I am no longer blogging for pay, which means you will see less reviews and giveaways and more quality content. You’re welcome. I am on a quest to lose the baby weight…and they other weight I have gained…sorry not sorry…I will be blogging about that, including a ton of a great, yummy recipes! I will also be writing weekly recaps of my life, because my life has changed, radically, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Clean Ice Cream
Here is my amazing recipe for this week…
Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Cookie Dough
•1 TBS butter, softened
•1 TBS Peanut Butter
•2 TBS brown sugar
•1 TBS Vegan Protein Powder *Vanilla
•1/2 tsp vanilla
•2 TBS milk
•⅛ tsp salt
•6 TBS flour
Combine, separate into small balls and refrigerate.

Vanilla Ice Cream
•1 cup Almond Milk
•2 cups Heavy Cream
•3/4 cup granulated Sugar
•Pinch of Sea Salt
•1 tbsp pure Vanilla Extract
Mix, chill in fridge for 20 minutes, pour into turned on mixer.
After 10 minutes of mixing add cookie dough balls and 1/2 cup of chocolate chips.

This ice cream turned out amazing! This entire ice cream and cookie dough recipe is egg free <3 I used a vegan protein powder made of green proteins and honestly this recipe was to die for! I am so excited to drop these whopping 55 pounds!

Deviled Eggs That Will Leave Guests BEGGING For More!

I absolutely love to host parties, but inevitably I mess something up. Usually food, I have to have a fall back, for me those are Deviled Eggs. They are delicious and easy! I love that you can dress them up or down and they take very little effort to look flawless! I wanted to share my go-to Deviled Eggs as well as two other recipes that will wow a crowd!
Deviled Eggs
6 Eggs
1/4 Mayonnaise
1 TSP White Vinegar
1 TSP Dijon Mustard
1/8 TSP Salt
Paprika to Garnish

Hard boil your eggs
Remove shells from your eggs
Cut length wise in half
Remove yolks
Mix Yolk, mayo, vinegar, mustard and salt
Pipe mixture into the center of eggs
Garnish with Paprika
Chill and Serve

This recipe is simple and elegant, but also absolutely divine! My daughter loves it (and she tends to shy away from anything new, or unknown). It is ideal for both the palate of children and adults and will leave guests requesting the recipe.

Create An Elegant Winter Wreath

I am so excited! Why? Because, I have always wanted a beautiful wreath, something elegant and stunning! Well, this year is the first year that I finally got my crap together enough to actually make that happen. Dollar Tree sponsored this post but all craftiness is my awesome-sauce!
Wire Wreath – Craft Store $3.24
Wired Ribbon – Dollar Tree $1
Gold Flowers – Dollar Tree $1
Red Flowers – Dollar Tree $1
Off White Burlap Flowers – Dollar Tree $1
White Flowers – Dollar Tree $1
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Total Cost- $8.24

Step One
Remove the heads of the flowers from the stems. This is simple and just involves a good tug.
Step Two
Glue one end on the ribbon around the wire wreath, this is your starting point
Step Three
Wrap the ribbon around the wire wreath until it runs out.
Step Four
Hot glue the end of the ribbon in place.

Step Five
With the open space glue in flowers. I did one of each and just repeated until I ran out of space. So- Burlap, gold, white, red, repeat.
Step Six
Add extra flowers in any area that look off, or not awesome.

Step Seven
Hang, enjoy a nice glass of wine and instagram your amazing(ly frugal) wreath!
I absolutely love the way my wreath came out. I have received non-stop compliments on how bright and festive it is against our dark wood front door. Again, a huge Thank You to Dollar Tree for Sponsoring this crafty post!!

These Are The Gifts They Really Want!

I absolutely adore the Christmas Season! I love to give gifts and see the joy in my loved ones expressions when it is ‘THE gift’, ya know, the gift they wanted so bad but either couldn’t find for themselves or find the nerve to ask for. Here is my 2014 Gifts They Really Want!!

2014 Family Gift Guide

1: Beauty Blender: I just purchased my first beauty blender and I am absolutely in love! Even if the make-up lover in your life doesn’t know they want a Beauty Blender, they do!

2: Nora Fleming Serveware: Nora Fleming is an up and coming Brother and Sister Team that has designed customizable serve ware (through their insanely stylish ‘mini’s’). This is an absolute must for the hostess with the mostest!!

3: Express Scarf: If you don’t follow me on Instagram (you should) then you probably don’t know this…but I am totally digging’ on the Lumberjack thing!! This scarf is gorgeous without over doing the plaid thing!!

4: Ju Ju Be ‘BFF’: As a mother of 4, stylish + diaper bag + high function = 0. Well, that was until I was introduced to the Ju Ju Be line! I adore my BFF for longer trips and I couldn’t recommend it more!!

5: Frozen: If you have a little girl in your life, anything Frozen is it!

6: Hot Wheels R/C BMW: My boys love R/C cars! This is the perfect starter car.

7: Oogaa Home Feeding Set: My baby adores his Oogaa set (and I love that it won’t break)!

8: GroVia One-Sized Cloth Diaper: Green and stylish!! Perfect for mom-to-be and cute babies.

9: Sprout Men’s Watch: Biodegradable, green and handsome!

10: Beer Making Kit: Uhm, duh! Fun and a hobby starter.

11: Mens Flame Ring: Fresh and unique!